PopMuertos Sombra - Gengar

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PopMuertos Sombras are our most exciting art pieces yet! Sombra means "shadow" in Spanish and that word takes on a couple meanings with our latest project. Our hand-made pieces feature our original sugar skull Gengar design displayed inside a shadow box. In "light" display mode, the piece is clean and airy, but when you shut off the lights our "Shadow" display mode completely transforms the look! Illuminated with battery powered LEDs, this portable piece will transform your home, office, or gaming room decor. 


Battery Powered - Display Anywhere

battery of sombra

All of our Sombras are battery-powered and controlled by a low-profile switch hidden on the side. These simple coin-sized batteries can be replaced in a moment.


Details and Dimensions

Each Sombra is 10.75"x10.75" and 2.25" deep. The batteries are the very common 2032 Lithium Coin 3V batteries.